Store and Distribute Confidential Files Effectively

Sharing Confidential Files Securely In Various Scenarios

bestCoffer virtual data room provides clients with flexible ways to manage confidential documents at whole stage of transactions, asset disposals, M&A deals or IPO processes. Tracking engagement in real-time, watch activity and behavior for both sides. Users can securely store relevant confidential data and files in the data room, and can also invite worldwide potential investors to view or download with granular permission. We look after the security of the confidential data and files, while users can focus on the deals and business.


The financing or selling party can securely store confidential data in bestCoffer for interested parties such as investors to browse


Compliance documentation, financial statements and other crucial confidential files can be efficiently distributed to dfferent stakeholder groups


During the IPO process, companies can centrally manage a massive amount of important documents and finely divide document management permissions for securities firms and third parties

Asset Disposal

During the process of asset divestiture or disposal, companies can unify and circulate confidential documents related to the assets in order to effectively manage risks

Financial Leasing

During the financing lease's due diligence process, a multi-layer permission management function is employed to protect real-time enterprise information and business secrets

Document Management

Companies can share confidential documents such as financial statements, three-party (board of directors, supervisory board, shareholders' meeting) documents, and sensitive technical information with different stakeholders