Privacy Policy 


  1. We respect and protect the privacy of all users who use the service of us . Through this privacy policy, we hope to explain to you how we collect, use, store and share your personal information when using our products and services, as well as the ways we provide you with access, update, control and protection of this information.
  2. This privacy policy is closely related to the products or services you use. Please carefully read and fully understand this privacy policy before your using. Once you start using our products or services, or submit personal information to us, you are aware of all the terms of this Privacy Policy and fully agree that we collect, use, store and share your relevant information in accordance with this privacy policy.
  3. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact


  1. YOU: Refers to individuals who use our products or services, including individuals who use that through accounts under the name of institutional customers.
  2. WE: Refers to the provider of products or services, Shanghai Lianwei Intelleagle Information Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (the “Lianwei”)
  3. PRODUCTS OR SURVICES: Refers to the use license and services of bestCoffer platform provided by us through channels including but not limited to computers, mobile intelligent terminals and so on.
  4. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Refers to all kinds of information recorded electronically or in other ways that can identify the identity of a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person alone or in combination with other information, including name, ID card number, communication contact information, address, account number and password, property status, whereabouts, etc.


 When you use our products or services, we will only collect or obtain the personal information provided by you voluntarily or arising from the use of products and services to the minimum extent when it is very necessary and authorized by you, and this information will only be used to provide or optimize our products or services to you and ensure the security of your account. Without your authorization and consent, we will not be able to provide you with value-added services of products or services but will not affect the embodiment of basic products or service functions.

  1. Registration information. When you apply for trial /use of our products or services, you need to provide us with your email address and mobile phone number. We collect your above information to help you to complete user registration and protect your account security; If you do not provide such information, we will not be able to activate products for you and provide services to you normally.

In addition, you can choose to provide the company name, province, contact address and other information or not. However, you know that the more complete your information is, it is possible to obtain more value-added services. For example, it is convenient for us to send you invoices.

  1. In the process of using products or services, to identify account anomalous, understand product adaptability, and provide you with product performance more in line with your needs, we may automatically collect your following behavior information:
  • Log information: Refers to the technical information that the system may automatically collect through cookies, web beacon or other means when you use our products or services, including device or software information. such as configuration information provided by your mobile device, web browser or other programs used to access our products or services. Your IP address and the version and device identification code used by the mobile device, the information you search or browse when using our products or services, such as the problem description filter words you use, the evaluation item name filter words, search keywords, the entity information you enter. and other on-site information and content details you browse or request when using our products or services. Please know that separate equipment information and service log information are information that cannot identify a specific natural person. If we combine this kind of impersonal information with other information, during the combined use, this kind of impersonal information will be regarded as personal information. Unless otherwise authorized by you or stipulated by laws and regulations, we will treat the information here anonymously.
  • Location information: Refers to the information about your location collected when you turn on the device positioning function and use the relevant services provided by us based on location, including your geographic location information collected by GPS or Wi-Fi when you use our products or services through devices with positioning function; You can terminate the collection of your geographic location information by turning off the positioning function.
  • Share information. Our products or services allow you to share your relevant information not only with your internal colleagues, but also with all external due diligence participants who use the service. For example, the information you upload or publish on our platform (including your public personal and institutional information, problems you have established, evaluation items and problem elements, etc.) Your responses to questions uploaded or posted by others, including location data and log information related to this information. Other users using our services may also share information related to you (including location data and log information). Our sharing function is specially designed to enable you to share information with users of all parties involved. You can make the shared information transmitted in real time and widely. If you do not delete the shared information, the relevant information will remain in the shared user data field.

Please note that the content and information you provide, upload, or publish when using our products or services may inadvertently leave your sensitive personal and institutional information. However, please rest assured that sensitive personal and institutional information will be more strictly encrypted and filtered than other information.


We use our own cookies and web beacons to provide you with a more personalized user experience and services for the following purposes:

  1. Remember your ID: For example, cookies and web beacon help us identify you as our registered user or save the information you provide us about your identity.
  2. Analyze usage of our products: For example, we can use cookies and web beacon to understand what activities you use our platform for, or which web pages or functions or buttons are most popular with you.
  3. While using cookies and web beacons for the above purposes, we may add the impersonal identity information collected through cookies and web beacons into the intelligent recommendation library after statistical processing. On the premise of unable to identify your identity, it is used to analyze how users use our functions and for intelligent recommendation in various adjustment scenarios. You can deny or manage cookies or web beacons through browser settings. However, please note that if you disable cookies or web beacon, you may not enjoy the best service experience, and some services and functions, such as smart recommendation, may not work properly.


We may use the information collected in the process of providing you with products or services for the following proposes:

  1. Provide you with all functions and services related to intelligent recommendation in the platform.
  2. When we provide products or services, it is used for authentication, customer service, security prevention, fraud monitoring, archiving and backup to ensure the security of products and services we provide to you.
  3. Help us design new functions and services to improve our existing functions and services.
  4. Let us know more about how you access and use our services, to respond to your personalized needs, such as language settings, configuration settings, personalized help services and instructions. or respond to you and other users in other aspects.
  5. Software certification or managing software upgrade.
  6. Let you participate in the investigation of our products and services, including to make you have a better experience, improve our services or other purposes you agree, on the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, we may use the information collected through a service for our other services in a way of collecting information or personalization. For example, the information collected when you use our element scoring rules may be used in the baseline service to provide you with the baseline value of specific problem elements, or to show you personalized push information related to you. If we provide corresponding options in relevant services, you can also authorize us to use the information provided and stored by the service for our other services.


  1. Access, modify, copy and delete your personal information

After you activate our products, you can access, modify and copy your personal information at any time; You can make a request to delete your personal information to us under the following circumstances:

  1. If our handling of personal information violates laws and regulations;
  2. If our handling of personal information violates the agreements with you;
  3. If we terminate the operation and service of the product, or you withdraw your authorization consent;
  4. Other circumstances stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

If we decide to respond to your deletion request, we will also notify the third party who obtains your personal information from us as much as possible and ask them to delete it in time, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations or these third parties have obtained your independent authorization. To ensure your correct authentication, please update relevant information in time to ensure that they are accurate, up-to-date and complete. If you have any questions in this process, please feel free to contact us.

When accessing, updating, correcting and deleting the above information, we may require you to authenticate to ensure the security of your account. At the same time, some information you provide may be considered sensitive due to its particularity, such as the name of the transferred Party’s company/fund, investment amount, key concerns and evaluation items. You can set up your sensitive thesaurus through the mechanism of background feedback.

  1. Withdraw of consent

Some functions of our products may need to be completed based on the information you authorized and agreed to provide or the opened device permission. You can withdraw such consent by closing the corresponding business functions. When you withdraw your consent, we cannot continue to provide you with the corresponding functions, nor will we process your corresponding personal information. However, your decision to withdraw your consent will not affect our previous personal information processing based on your authorization.

  1. Cancel account

You can log in to our products and cancel your account via specific function buttons.  Please understand that canceling your account is an irrecoverable operation. Once you cancel your account, we will delete all information about your account, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.


 Without your consent, we will not share your personal and institutional information with any third party, but we may retain, preserve or disclose that to relevant government authorities for the following needs:

  1. Comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  2. Comply with court orders or other legal procedures;
  3. Comply with the requirements of relevant government authorities;
  4. comply with applicable laws and regulations, safeguard social and public interests, or protect the personal and property safety or legitimate rights and interests of our customers, us and other users.

In addition, for you to have the best experience of intelligent recommendation and personalized recommendation service, we may add the information of due diligence problems and evaluation items collected through cookies, web beacon or other forms to the intelligent recommendation library after summary, statistics and processing. Without identifying your identity, information about your use of our products or services may be integrated to analyze how users use our functions and used for intelligent recommendation in various adjustment scenarios.


  1. We will only retain your personal information for the period necessary with the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy and the time limit required by laws and regulations. We use various security technologies and procedures to prevent the loss, improper use, unauthorized reading or disclosure of information. For example, in some services, we will use encryption technology (such as SSL) to protect the personal and institutional information you have provided and the sensitive information you have set up. However, please understand that due to the limitations of technology and various possible malicious means, in the internet industry, even if we try our best to strengthen security measures, it is impossible to always ensure the 100% security of information. You need to know that the system and communication network you use to access our services may have problems due to factors beyond our control.
  2. To ensure the security of your personal information, we need your cooperation with us. Please do not disclose your login account and password to others. If you find that your personal information, especially your account or password, is leaked, please contact us immediately so that we can take corresponding and reasonable measures according to your application.


  1. We may use your information to send you marketing information through our services、 e-mail or other means to provide or promote the upgraded products and relevant value-added services of our platform; if you don’t want us to use your personal information for the above-mentioned advertising purposes, you can ask us to stop using your personal information for the above-mentioned purposes through the relevant tips we provide in the advertisement or the guidelines we provide in specific services.
  2. We may issue service-related announcements to you when necessary (for example, when a service is suspended due to system maintenance). You may not be able to cancel these service-related announcements that are not promotional in nature.
  3. We may send you emails and information. When you use our services, we may use your information to send email, news or push notifications to your device. If you don’t want to receive this information, you can choose to unsubscribe on the device according to our relevant tips.


Except for some specific services, all our services are subject to this privacy policy. These specific services will be subject to specific privacy policies. Specific privacy policies for certain services will more specifically describe how we use your information in these services. The privacy policy for this service forms part of this privacy policy. If there is any inconsistency between the privacy policy of the relevant specific service and this privacy policy, the privacy policy of the specific service shall apply.


Due to changes in service content, contact information, legal and regulatory policy requirements, we may revise this privacy policy from time to time. Such revisions form part of the privacy policy and are published in a prominent position on the home page in the form of announcement or send an updated version to the email address provided by you, and replace the original privacy policy. If you continue to use the service after the change of this privacy policy announcement, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised privacy policy and agree to be bound by the revised privacy policy.