Accelerate deal process with better privacy protection

Still sharing files from your phone via traditional methods such as email, WeChat, and online storage?

Feel upset for any project data breach?

Wonder how to securely pass on confidential files to investors?


bestCoffer Secures Your Confidential Files

bestCoffer secures organizations with continuous data discovery, insight, and protection to reduce risk and enable privacy by design. Our unique approach brings together identity and data security into a single platform. A perfect fit for investment and financing, M&A, asset disposal, Pre-IPO, fund management, due diligence, financial transactions, and many other sensitive financial data.

Secure your Deal documents

File Sharing Security

Protect confidential data transparently with file encryption, enabling users to protect the data stored in transit and on storage media.

Online Security Measures

Proprietary securtity mechanisms(Filesec) generate dynamic waterprint with an online file in real time.

File Sharing Permissions

File sharing permissions allow you to establish layered access capabilities, and restrictions that are unique to each user.

Offline Security Measures

Offline file access and protection supports multiple files, preventing screen grabbing and third party screen grabbers from taking screenshots.

Ease of Use

Radically Simple

No user client terminal and plug-ins required, you can quickly access and manage multi-enterprise data rooms, and complete data room creation in 1 minute.

Fast Speeds

We offer fast download and upload speeds in bulk, resumable upload and download even after shutting down the pc.

Permission Efficiency

Manage multiple project files by flexibly setting file access permissions for different data rooms, and permissions can be set and copied in batches.

Indexing Content

With Indexing, user can search for documents for fast and straightforward document retrieval based on multiple parameters, descriptions, and keywords.

Group Company Solutions - Supporting Multiple Project Data Rooms

Multi-level Subsidiaries

Unified view management of multiple enterprises, data rooms, teams, and users for group clients

Limitless Project Management

Created data room according to different requirements, such as circulation of financing, M&A, or IPO project

Private Data Room

“Private” Data Room within an enterprise is supported. Effectively protect company’s confidential information

Traceability & Audit

File Flow Management

Upload, download, view, storage, all process is encrypted.

Detailed Operation Records

All file operations are recorded: create, modify, permission setting, download, save original documents etc.

User Activities

All user activities in the data room are fully recorded and can be exported as reports

Enterprise Customization

Corporate Logo & Image

Exclusive Login Website

Customized Confidential Agreement