bestCoffer Data Room

bestCoffer virtual data room fuels your deal process with our security expertise in confidential information sharing. Widely applied in various business scenarios: M&A, investment, fund raising, IPO, due diligence, financial deals, legal, life science, project exit, etc.

Limitless Project Management

Start your brand new data room with simple clicks.
Create multi-enterprise and multiple-project data rooms according to complex requirement.
requirements. Flexibly categorized all documents

Document Management

Save your time with bulk upload and high-speed breakpoint resuming. Document encryption the
whole lifecycle. Full-text and multilingual search is supported. A full audit trace helps easy
management of any change in the data room.

Flexible Access Management

Industry-leading file encryption tech guarantees safe online& offline documents (MS office, PDF
MS Word、PowerPoint and Excel etc.
different groups for multiple commercial purposes

Analytics Report

Know what’s happening in your data room with various analytical reports. Audit reports
or popular File Reports display detailed tracking content of specific files. The User activity report shows every user’s action.

User Management

Set various levels of access to different users to enable easily traceable audit records and
increase data room integrity. Authorised any folder or documents with “hide, view, print, download & edit”

Customized Service

customized logo, domain name
and user defined dingdisclaimers, confidential agreement and mail template

Why Investors Choose DealHub

Profound Industry Experience

Over 20 years of vertical experience in digital transformation with rich IT &Consultancy
technical knowledge


Unique file security technology (FileSec) provides lifecycle encryption protection for file
storage viewing and circulation. File traceability, watermark and audit supports the protection of
MS office, PDF and other files online& offline


Provide internet information services in compliance with local laws and regulations


User-friendly interface dashboard.Connected via high speed network for more availability and flexibility. Massive file breakpoint resumption. Flexible setting of user and file permissions

Service and Support

Professional customer service team
1V1 exclusive customer service,7 days * 24
hours standby, hassle-free to use multilingual
support team

Free upgrade

Strong R&D team with in-depth understanding of confidential files sharing
Provide continuous and timely updates
based on customer feedback freely.


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